Professional State-of-the-Art Web Development


My name is Joe and I am the developer behind a bunch of pretty nice websites.

As you will see in my portfolio, my skill set ranges from mid-sized PHP projects up through reasonably sophisticated JavaScript animations and applications. I consider myself a “full stack” developer so I am as proficient with PHP and SQL as I am with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
What can not be seen in a portfolio are my contemporary and team-friendly development practices. I am thorough, thoughtful and keep a watchful eye on the objectives of a project so I can over-deliver on those things most important to clients.

My Philosophy

Deadlines are a very serious matter to me. The years I spent as a freelancer taught me to estimate and I use that skill to make certain that I hit the targets I commit to.

I am also a big believer in documentation. Any project that requires custom php will have descriptive and meaningful doc blocks. Likewise for JavaScript projects that require more than a few lines of jQuery.

I develop for my audience and for the business goals of my clients. This basically means that in my portfolio you will see more of the older and more stable technologies and less of the new-fangled stuff.

Please don’t get me wrong, I like the new fangled stuff a lot and I spend my own time getting familiar with it. The fact remains, however, that my business clients need stable sites that often need to work on ancient and unfavorable web browsers.
My development environment consists of an industry leading IDE (integrated development environment) called PhpStorm. It is an excellent tool that facilitates a great many best practices including the use of version control.

How I Work

Throughout my years in the industry I have discovered a myriad of useful tools that help make development easier. Today I have a slick workflow that includes:

  • PhpStorm or IntellJ IDEA
  • WAMP or Vagrant with VirtualBox (depending on the needs of the project)
  • Version Control (I like both Git & Subversion)
  • Xdebug, SpyJS, and other troubleshooting facilities

The stable and mature nature of my work-flow has given rise to some fantastic success stories. Please contact me if you would like to hear more!