Testing Nexcess Hosting—With My Own Sites

​After many years on EngineHosting, I finally decided it was time to move on.

Though there were many things I enjoyed about them, EngineHosting was just too darn slow. Great page-load times are something I advertise for my clients so I figure I should deliver on them with my own sites.

My conclusion is that Nexcess is a very nice hosting platform which I will proudly recommend to clients. I ran my sites there for just a few months and was very pleased with the performance and experience.

As a developer, however, I will need more control. I like to use my own site network to test and prove techniques before applying them to client sites. I find more and more often I need direct access to a server. That said, DigitalOcean appears to strike the right balance between price, features, and flexibility. I will give them a try next.