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Here at Joe’s Media, we put our money where our mouth is. This site is the first in a series of planned “affiliate marketing” websites that we own and control. The technologies powering this site have been in development for quite a while and there are quite a few to talk about. So we will be spreading descriptions among some of the other portfolio entries.

Minimalist Designs that Don’t Look Minimal The web is evolving in such a way that allows us web developers to do more with less – and this is good for everyone. We can now apply a huge variety of attractive effects without having to use images, making websites like this one substantially faster and more responsive than it’s equivalent from a year or two ago. This sort of minimalism makes a site load faster and is crucial for sites designed to receive a large volume of impatient visitors.

Internal Structure that Boosts Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an intricate science and, frankly, quite a lot of work. Though it is well beyond the scope of this entry to try to explain it all, you will at least need to know that “back links” are links from other websites to your own. In general, the more “good quality” back links you have the better your page will rank in the search engines. Recent research has shown that the internal structure of a website can have an astonishing effect on search engine rankings and drastically reduce the number of back links required to rank well. Depending on how savvy the competition is, we could end up beating some even if they have 10 times more back links. Some studies are showing that correctly structured sites can even beat out competitors with 100 times more back links! We realize that this may sound a little too good to be true but the fact is that most websites are alarmingly inefficient when it comes to helping search engines do their jobs. There is a large difference between good and great with great rewards available for sites that are great.