Wordpress Theme from Scratch

​The designer behind Groove180 is a good friend who also happens to have designed many of the sites you see in this portfolio. For his new site we built a custom WordPress theme from the ground up!

My debut WordPress theme comes with quite a few standard features.


  • The them options page that allows Matt to tweak the important settings.
  • A special home page template complete with an animated showcase for portfolio items.
  • A portfolio template, of course. Clicking on an entry shows a larger version via JavaScript pop-up.
  • A three-column template for his highly stylized “about me” page
  • A fully integrated contact form - since we don’t believe in trying to kludge this stuff in via plugins.

Is WordPress Really the Right Choice?

​I would like to emphasize that I didn’t start with a “base theme” like a lot of WordPress Developers do. I didn’t want to deal with anyone else’s potentially bad code so I just wrote it myself.

Special purpose themes like this one are not that difficult though, admittedly, I think this site would be even better in Craft-CMS or ExpressionEngine. Both of these Content Management Systems allow me to organize content in a ways that are completely beyond little-ole WordPress.

My New Framework

This theme felt like a pretty good start but I didn’t stop here. Based on what I learned, I went ahead and wrote my own theme framework that will let me crank these things out at breakneck speeds!

We will delve more into the framework in a future entry.