My First Baby

Baby Information & Affiliate Products

This site is another in our series of planned “affiliate marketing” websites. This one is aimed at providing tips and information for first-time moms.

Offer Management System

One of the special features build for this series of sites is what we have come to call the offer management system. Simply enough, this system controls where advertisements are displayed. But wait, this is a little more intricate than it sounds! Since all of the ads displayed on this site lead to affiliate offers – meaning we only get paid when a product is sold – it is crucial that we match the ads with the content as closely as we can.

How it Works

Thanks to this system, we have several methods available for precisely matching offers with the content.

  • Advertisements can be selected directly from the publish page (image)
  • Offers (advertisements) and content are entered separately but can be placed into the same categories. Offers belonging to the same category as the article will be displayed in the absence of an explicit selection. (image)
  • Pages outside of the category system can display “Featured” advertisements.
  • If all else fails and there are no matching offers then the system will display ads from a service such as Google Adsense.

Protected Affiliate Links

The public-at-large has become a little more aware of affiliate marketers and have started to exhibit some strange behaviors when they see what could be an affiliate link. They have learned to type the target website into the address bar and remove the code identifying the advertiser and potentially cutting them/us out of a commission! Our offer management system automatically protects against this by redirecting ad clicks through another URL on this site.